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The purpose of this site is to provide the results of an extensive Global Positioning System, GPS, control network survey that covers the Eastern portion of Broward County. This control survey is not a Re-Survey of the Public Land Survey Sections and is only intended to report the State Plane Coordinate values of found and set monumentation. From 1995 through to 1999 over 500 control points were set or found, documented and occupied with GPS receivers. Over 2000 baselines were observed resulting in network of horizontal control points with State Plane Coordinates values in the NAD 83/90 system.

The control points are distributed throughout the eastern half of the County from US 441 eastward to the coast. The control points primarily lie at or near Public Land Survey Section corners. All Certified Section corners were utilized as control points unless they presented a safety hazzard or were not GPS observable. If the Section corner was not found or was not occupiable then a random point was set far enough away from the probable location of the Section corner so as not to be mistaken for the Section corner.

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the data contained on this site is correct and complete however as with all survey data the user must apply prudent judgment and sufficient checks to verify the information provided. Broward County is providing this data for informational purposes only.

This site is set up in such a manner that the data contained herein can be updated as points are lost and /or reset. Should any discrepancies, errors, or missing field monuments be determined please contact the Broward County Highway Construction and Engineering Division, Survey Section at (954)577-4576.

Eric B. Augusto, PSM

Broward County Surveyor

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